Lock Jaw Ladder Grip


The price displayed is per single unit, you can also add as many Lock Jaws as you require in the current order

      1. $9.95 express shipping within Australia
      2. Ladder Stabiliser for gutters / Locks on to gutter in 5 seconds
      3. Easy to use
      4. One of a kind jaw mechanism
      5. Helps prevent falls
      6. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
      7. A ladder fastening device designed to improve safety and meet strict legal requirements associated with ladder use

Important: If you are buying a Lock Jaw Ladder Grip outside of Australia taxes and duties may apply when the product arrives in the country.



Dmitry Lipinsky expert in roofing with 20K YouTube subscribers . Review by Roofing Insights of Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. The best Ladder Grip on the market.
Dmitry Lipinsky expert in roofing with 20K YouTube subscribers . Review by Roofing Insights of Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. The best Ladder Grip on the market.



Chris Cicotello – Renovation Company C2 Operations Leesburg, Virginia, 

The lock jaw ladder grip is a great piece of safety equipment. We just moved over to lightweight fiberglass ladders and they definitely move around when you put them up against an aluminium gutter. The lock jaw grips provide the support needed to keep the ladder in place during the weight transfer from stepping off ladder onto roof. Additionally, the lock jaw grips are a lifesaver on windy days to keep the ladders from getting blown around.

James Cogan – Solar Installer Australia

The lock jaw is awesome. I do a heap of solar and on windy days stops ladder falling over and makes the apprentices feel a bit safer. Never had an issue with damaged gutter and I use it every day nearly for the last 4 years.It’s a must have for anyone who needs to jump up on roofs.

Gutter-Vac Kograrah – Gutter Cleaner Australia

At Gutter-Vac Sutherland Shire we are up and down ladders all day every day.
Architects and landscaper don’t often consider safe ladder placement in their scheme of things. After 15 years in the game I’ve finally found the best solution for securing your ladders quickly and effectively, especially when there isn’t ideal conditions at the bottom end of the ladder. All my roof working crews have them and we wouldn’t be without them “Don’t risk a fall – Give lock jaw a call”

Gareth – Builder has used the product for 8 years

If you get up on the roof and you don’t have one of these you will eventually learn you needed one. I recently leant mine to a neighbour who needed to clean his solar array. He commented that he would never have gotten onto the roof without the lockjaw. The fact is there is simply no other tool for effectively and safely securing your ladder

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip - no other tool does the job like Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
Gareth a builder of 20 years uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. It’s the best tool on the market. I wouldn’t be without it. 

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