Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

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Single Unit

A ladder fastening device designed to improve safety and meet strict legal requirements associated with ladder use.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 265 × 150 × 155 cm
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Stefan Titilincu
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I am very happy with the lock jaw.I bought one before and is very good for keeping the ladder in position when I step from ladder onto the roof or on windy days.Now I got another one .Even one is Ok but having two is even better regarding safety. Highly recommend this piece of safety equipment.
James Cogan
Solar Installer Australia
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The lock jaw is awesome. I do a heap of solar and on windy days stops ladder falling over and makes the apprentices feel a bit safer. Never had an issue with a damaged gutter and I use it every day nearly for the last 4 years. It’s a must-have for anyone who needs to jump up on roofs.
Gutter-Vac Kograrah
Gutter Cleaner Australia
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At Gutter-Vac Sutherland Shire we are up and down ladders all day every day. Architects and landscapers don't often consider safe ladder placement in their scheme of things. After 15 years in the game, I've finally found the best solution for securing your ladders quickly and effectively, especially when there aren't ideal conditions at the bottom end of the ladder. All my roof working crews have them and we wouldn't be without them "Don't risk a fall - Give lock jaw a call"
Builder has used the product for 8 years
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If you get up on the roof and you don't have one of these you will eventually learn you needed one. I recently leant mine to a neighbour who needed to clean his solar array. He commented that he would never have gotten onto the roof without the lockjaw. The fact is there is simply no other tool for effectively and safely securing your ladder
Citipower Powercor Ltd.
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We are always looking for better ways to improve our employee safety and have been trialing a the Lock Jaw Grip for several weeks, we have found the device excellent in securing ladders onto gutters therefore eliminating ladder slip risk . We have now purchased a set for each of our ladder trucks. Thanks for your assistance Gail really easy to deal with. Regards, Jim
Kim Nydahl
Kim Nydahl
District Commander Helsingborg/Competence Developer
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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip has been written into height standards When we use portable ladders at the Fire and Rescue Service Skåne Northwest, in South of Sweden, we have a method where we secure the ladder in the top end. We had modified welding clips that we used. When we accidentally found Lock Jaw Ladder Grip, we ordered a pair to evaluate. They were very easy to use and received good feedback from the firefighters who tried them. The firefighters thought they were much easier to use than the old welding clamps. Now we have a pair of Lock Jaw Ladder grips on each fire truck. We would recommend Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. They are the most effective ladder safety device. Temperature and static load testing was completed and Lock Jaw ladder Grip exceeded all expectations

Swedish Fire & Rescue Services
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas
Director of Claims | Claims Division
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After a team member suffered a fall from a ladder, we re-evaluated our procedures and realized we needed an easy and effective way to secure our ladders. We evaluated a number of ladder safety devices on the market. We determined that Lock Jaw ladder Grip was the most effective way to quickly secure our ladders to the roof. All of our adjusters have been provided with Lock Jaws and the feedback from the claim adjusters has been extremely positive. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to use a ladder to climb onto a roof.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
Catherine Farrugia
Green Frog Roofing
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Green Frog Roofing highly recommends this Company and their product - great, fast & efficient service and lovely people to deal with. Clint - Managing Director has given these Lock Jaw Ladder Grips to all his roofers and has highly recommended them to many others.

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