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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip Awards
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is used in many industries. A safe way to gain access to a roof.
Used by Swedish Fire and Rescue and written into their Height Standards
Solar Installer use Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
Solar Training School using Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Many say it is the best Ladder Safety Accessory

  • One of a kind patented Jaw mechanism
  • Assists with legislative requirements when working at height
  • Helps prevents falls

Ladder Safety in 5 seconds

Ladder safety devices need to be quick and easy to use. This product can be clamped onto or removed from guttering in approximately 5 seconds.

It contains an adjustable locking jaw allowing the device to be secured to a range of different gutter types. In addition there are in built adjustment devices which allow the unit to be utilised on a wide variety of single and extension ladders.

Swedish Fire and Rescue
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip used to stabilise a ladder. Exceptional ladder safety accessory.

Innovation in Height Safety Systems & Accessories

What price can you put on your safety and wellbeing? Lock Jaw Ladder Grip makes safety a priority, and unlike many other ladder safety devices, it won’t cost you the earth. It can be used on most single and extension ladders and unlike many other devices this product physically clamps onto the gutter!

Assists in meeting OH&S Requirements

Fits Most Ladders

Quick to Fasten and Remove

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Easy to Use and Store

Tax Deductible (if used for income producing purposes)

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip has 5 star Google Reviews
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip has 5 star Google Reviews

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