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height safety

Many say it is the best Ladder Safety Accessory

  • One of a kind patented Jaw mechanism
  • Assists with legislative requirements when working at height
  • Helps prevents falls

Ladder Safety in 5 seconds

Ladder safety devices need to be quick and easy to use. This product can be clamped onto or removed from guttering in approximately 5 seconds.

It contains an adjustable locking jaw allowing the device to be secured to a range of different gutter types. In addition there are in built adjustment devices which allow the unit to be utilised on a wide variety of single and extension ladders.

Innovation in Height Safety Systems & Accessories

What price can you put on your safety and wellbeing? Lock Jaw Ladder Grip makes safety a priority, and unlike many other ladder safety devices, it won’t cost you the earth. It can be used on most single and extension ladders and unlike many other devices this product physically clamps onto the gutter!

  • Assists in meeting OH&S Requirments

  • Quick to Fasten and Remove

  • Fits Most Ladders

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Easy to Use and Store

  • Tax Deductible (if used for income producing purposes)

What people are saying…

  • Lock Jaw Ladder Grip Review from builder

    Builder Gareth - has used the product for 8 years

    If you get up on the roof and you don't have one of these you will eventually learn you needed one. I recently leant mine to a neighbour who needed to clean his solar array. He commented that he would never have gotten onto the roof without the lockjaw. The fact is there is simply no other tool for effectively and safely securing your ladder.
  • Dale
    I just wanted to tell you that the 2 lockjaws I bought from you a few weeks ago are just brilliant!! As a possum man I work on roofs every day and I now feel much safer using this device. In fact I won't use the ladder without the "Lockjaw" fitted. No more ladders being blown over by the wind while I'm on the roof either!! Which has happened more than once....
    (Possum Proofing Specialists)
  • Martin
    As a handyman, I do a lot of roof work and since I've been using the ladder grip, it gives me so much more confidence and peace of mind getting on and off the ladder. Won't work without it now
  • Jonathan
    Very easy and great tool to have. It's a wonder why things like these aren't law. Already recommended them to friends and other companies
    (Solar Panel Installer)
  • Bruce
    Excellent product, speedy delivery and well packaged.
    (Home Handyman)
  • Owen
    The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is excellent because it enhances my safety and security by eliminating any ladder movement as can still occur using ratchet straps. Very well done & best regards.
    (Satellite TV Technician)

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