World Class Ladder Safety
Device Preventing Falls

protector of gutter ladder from lock jaw ladder grip
Stops the Ladder from Sliding
Clamps on to the Gutter in 5 Seconds
Does not Damage the Gutter, Light and Portable
Can be Used on Single or Extension Ladders
Best Ladder Safety Accessory
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Finalists ​for prestigious
National Safety Award 2021

safe work and return to work awards 2021

Finalists in the Safe Work and
Return to Work Awards 2021

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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip: The Must-Have Tool for Safe and Secure Climbing

At Lock Jaw Ladder Grip, we are proud to say that our product can make a real difference in people’s lives. That’s why we want to share Jeff’s story with you.

In his own words, Jeff explains how Lock Jaw Ladder Grip made all the difference: “It saved me from hitting the ground. Trust my life for these things, and if it can hold a guy like me, it can hold anybody”.

Watch the video to learn more about his experience with our product, and discover how it could also help you or your loved ones.

World Class Ladder Safety Device ​ Takes 5 seconds to install and remove Meets legal requirements Easy One-handed Operation Constructed from UV Treated Glass Filled Nylon and Steel​ ​ Rubber Grips Protect Gutters From Damage

Easy to Use and Store​

You no longer need to have anyone holding the ladder

Assists in meeting OH&S Requirements

Reduces Liability

Prevents falls

By Stopping the Ladder from Moving

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Fits Most Ladders

Tax Deductible

(If Used for Income Producing Purposes)​

Quick to Fasten and Remove

5 Seconds to Install and Remove

Worldwide Shipping

Ladder Safety Accessory

Watch How Lock Jaw Ladder Grip Could Help You

A person attaching lock jaw ladder grip in the ladder
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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a fantastic ladder clamp​. Once it is attached the ladder will not move. It has been static load tested to 100kg.

secure extension ladder
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Instructional film for Lock Jaw Ladder Grip, a safe method for working at height from ladders.

A man wearing white shirt and a blue jumper, smiling and texting with a safety hat on his head

Embrace Safety, Earn Rewards

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Kim Nydahl
Kim Nydahl
District Commander Helsingborg/Competence Developer
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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip has been written into height standards When we use portable ladders at the Fire and Rescue Service Skåne Northwest, in South of Sweden, we have a method where we secure the ladder in the top end. We had modified welding clips that we used. When we accidentally found Lock Jaw Ladder Grip, we ordered a pair to evaluate. They were very easy to use and received good feedback from the firefighters who tried them. The firefighters thought they were much easier to use than the old welding clamps. Now we have a pair of Lock Jaw Ladder grips on each fire truck. We would recommend Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. They are the most effective ladder safety device. Temperature and static load testing was completed and Lock Jaw ladder Grip exceeded all expectations

Swedish Fire & Rescue Services
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas
Director of Claims | Claims Division
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After a team member suffered a fall from a ladder, we re-evaluated our procedures and realized we needed an easy and effective way to secure our ladders. We evaluated a number of ladder safety devices on the market. We determined that Lock Jaw ladder Grip was the most effective way to quickly secure our ladders to the roof. All of our adjusters have been provided with Lock Jaws and the feedback from the claim adjusters has been extremely positive. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to use a ladder to climb onto a roof.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson
Practice Growth for Consultants
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I purchased a pair of Lock Jaw Ladder Grips for my Dad last year as despite being fit for his age he is getting older and is oftne on the roof doing jobs. I am interstate so they've given me great peace of mind that he is safe and he loves them too, knowing that he isn't subjecting himself to an injury that could be avoided. Huge fan of this fabulous product!
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This product secures your ladder so you get a sense that someone at the bottom is holding it for you. The side to side motion is gone with no chance of falling backwards without ripping the entire gutter off the roof. Obviously you can’t use it if the gutter has guards. It also stops people from stealing my ladder or having the wind take it while I’m on the roof. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone.
Speed Spray Power Washing
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This lockjaw product saves my workers and I getting on and off all kinds of roofs, it has adjustable fetures to compensate different gutters & ladders to keep it firm, I know when I get off a high ladder I feel alot safer when im locked in with at least 1 lockjaw.
Marco Castillo
Solar Installer
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Awesome product!! As solar installers we are always on and off the roof. We have tried other products but nothing comes close to the lock jaw in terms of how safe it makes you feel going up and down the ladder. We now have one in all our vans and it has become our normal daily practice. Highly recommend Lock Jaw.
Nigel Adams
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The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a worth while investment. When your climbing onto the second story roof it is reassuring to know the ladder will not move. This is a great little invention & very a well thought out piece of equipment. Worth the money.
Richy Singh
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Lock Jaw Grip has made a significant difference in safety aspects of our business side. Our employees were afraid of ladder slipping away while climbing up or down. Ever since we have started using Lock Jaw Grip, the difference is far more better than ever before. This has boosted the confidence in our employees to work on ladders. Great innovation and Smart Design.
Suzanne Ferguson
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I bought a set of Lock Jaw after hearing about them from a friend. Before I could use Lock Jaw myself, my cousin borrowed them to use at his house! I found the devices great and so easy to use. It was the first time I had cleaned out the gutters and felt completely safe getting up and down the ladder. Great invention.
Glenn Christofferson
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I have used Lock Jaw Ladder Grips to secure my ladder to the roof gutter for many years. I have found it very safe and effective, and also long lasting. I would highly recommend this safety device.
Doug & Marg Murray
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After working in the building game for over 50 years, at last there is a safe and easy way to secure your ladder whilst working on the roof. The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is ideal and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like falling.
Matthew Cutler
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The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is an exceptional product for many different applications. It works great in an industrial setting as well, especially on the side of a tank. If you are looking to help protect your employees or yourself from an incident involving a ladder, I would 10/10 recommend this product.

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