A man setting up the ladder fall protection from lock jaw ladder grip

Why is workplace safety important?

Keeping workers safe will improve employee morale and when employees are happy in their job, the more productive they will be. A hazardous workplace can cause unnecessary stress to workers affecting their morale and ultimately production.

What does workplace safety include?

Usually, workplace safety refers to a company’s working environment and includes all variables that affect employees’ safety, health, and well-being. Environmental dangers, unsafe working conditions or processes, drug and alcohol addiction, and workplace violence are all examples of this.

maritz electrical using lock jaw ladder grip during a solar installation

What does PPE stand for?

helsingborg rescue service using 2 lock jaw ladder grip

Personal protective equipment, or “PPE,” is equipment worn to reduce exposure to risks that might result in significant occupational injuries or illnesses. Chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, and other job dangers may cause these injuries and diseases.