If you get up on the roof and you don't have one of these you will eventually learn you needed one. I recently leant mine to a neighbour who needed to clean his solar array. He commented that he would never have gotten onto the roof without the lockjaw. The fact is there is simply no other tool for effectively and safely securing your ladder.


Builder - used Lock Jaw for 9 years

I have owned a airconditioning company for 30 years I find the lock jaw to be a great ladder safety device it just feels better ...All my guys use them and all love them

Darren Smoel

Smoel Climate Control

Being an owner of a small Electrical company we are always looking at how we can do things safer without costing an arm and a leg! These are fantastic. We are up and down ladders all day - now we don't have to worry about our ladders sliding or pulling away from gutters especially on big double storeys! Great value for money. Thank you

Jennifer Louw

I just wanted to tell you that the 2 lockjaws I bought from you a few weeks ago are just brilliant!! As a possum man I work on roofs every day and I now feel much safer using this device. In fact I won't use the ladder without the "Lockjaw" fitted. No more ladders being blown over by the wind while I'm on the roof either!! Which has happened more than once....


(Possum Proofing Specialists)

As a handyman, I do a lot of roof work and since I've been using the ladder grip, it gives me so much more confidence and peace of mind getting on and off the ladder. Won't work without it now



Very easy and great tool to have. It's a wonder why things like these aren't law. Already recommended them to friends and other companies


(Solar Panel Installer)

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is excellent because it enhances my safety and security by eliminating any ladder movement as can still occur using ratchet straps. Very well done & best regards.


(Satellite TV Technician)

Purchased some months back. Doing odd jobs around the home have found the lock jaw ladder grip brilliant. Was worried about climbing the ladder to attend to jobs such as cleaning gutters & painting. Bought the lock jaw - unsure what I would discover - one of the best purchases I had made. Ladder is secured in a couple of seconds to the gutter. It doesn’t move !!!!!

Tony Zeneral

Home Handy Man

Have been in the industry working on roofs for 15 years. Have a cupboard full of products we've tried over the years, always went back to bungie cords to attach ladders at the top. Not any more. Lockjaws are brilliant. All my crews use them now. Quick, easy and reliable. Recommend them highly

Peter Hayne

Gutter Vac

Best product ever! I've had it for 4 years and if you ever rest a ladder on a gutter to climb on a roof, this thing stops all movement. I won't go on a roof anymore without hooking this thing up. You may think it's expensive but have you ever seen an ambulance bill? It is worth its weight in gold.

John Morris

As a home inspector, we have a unique situation of approaching 2-4 different roofs of all types, pitches, and heights every day. Time is money just like any industry but safety needs to come first. After I fell a few years ago I started a search for a way to increase my safety without slowing down production. After my first employee came on board, the needs for additional ladder safety weighed heavy on my mind. When I found the Lock Jaw Ladder Grips, I was a little wary about the product, especially for the price. The day I got them, it only took 15 minutes of trying them out and I had 6 more on the way. It was amazing how easy they are to use and how durable they are. The idea of a couple hundred dollars for a pair was nothing compared to the what it could cost for me to lose a days work after a fall, which most of the time, it wouldn't just be a days worth of time lost as we all know. I couldn't recommend this product more, give it a try, I believe they have a money back guarantee, although I bet you'll be contacting them for another order instead of a return label.

Grant Waller

Amazing product! Keeps my scaffold and Roof workers safer than they’ve ever been getting on and off the roof. Eliminate risk and buy one today. Great company and communications also

Greg C

My Home Improvements

Great product! Easy to setup and always feel safe using this system! Normally have to install a roof anchor to secure my ladder but the lockjaw is a much quicker setup and delivers the same level of safety!

Daniel Boyce

The lock jaw is awesome. I do a heap of solar and on windy days stops ladder falling over and makes the apprentices feel a bit safer. Never had an issue with damaged gutter and i use it every day nearly for the last 4 years. Its a must have for anyone who needs to jump up on rooves1

Jamie Cogan

The lock jaw ladder grip is a great piece of safety equipment. We just moved over to lightweight fiberglass ladders and they definitely move around when you put them up against an aluminum gutter. The lock jaw grips provide the support needed to keep the ladder in place during the weight transfer from stepping off ladder onto roof. Additionally, the lock jaw grips are a lifesaver on windy days to keep the ladders from getting blown around.1

Chris Costello

Brisbane plumbing and drainage have started to use the lock jaw ladder grips and find them great,anytime one can keep their employees safe onsite is money well spent1

Ryan Old

A fantastic product! Prevents slipping when stepping into a roof and gives a secure support to hold onto when near the edge. I won’t get onto a roof without mine1

Sven Roelofs

We have been using lockjaw ladder grips for over 6 years and I cannot speak more highly of this product. After personally having a family member shatter his femur in 3 places falling while climbing a ladder, becoming safety aware is and should always be a must. After thousands of roof jobs complete, I am proud to say we still have a 0% incident rating. I can highly recommend this business

Michael Fleming

Excellent product, speedy delivery and well packaged.


(Home Handyman)