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'Excellent product, speedy delivery and well packaged'

Ladder safety
Solar Installer
'I just wanted to tell you that the 2 lockjaws I bought from you a few weeks ago are just brilliant!! As a possum man I work on roofs every day and I now feel much safer using this device. In fact I won't use the ladder without the "Lockjaw" fitted. No more ladders being blown over by the wind while I'm on the roof either!! Which has happened more than once...'
Lock Jaw Ladder Grips are used by Possum Catchers
Possum Proofing Specialist

'No other tool does the job.Stabilises the ladder enabling access to a roof. I have used the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip for 8 years and wouldn't get on a roof without it'

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
'Great Product easy to use. Hangs easy in the Van'

John from House Shot
Handyman Professional Services
'We are currently using them at the Fire Department. It's the best device of it's type on the market.'

Fire and Rescue
'The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is excellent because it enhances my safety and security by eliminating any ladder movement as can still occur using ratchet straps. Very well done & best regards.'
Satellite TV Technician

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Solar Training using lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Solar Training School

Helsingborg Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue services in Sweden use Lock Jaws in pairs

Demonstrating to Students

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Home Handy Man

Cleaning Gutters

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