Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations

Posted April 27, 2011 | View all news

Ladders are a great invention, they make it easy to reach things up high, enable you to get up to the roof to make repairs, trim trees, washing down walls, the list goes on. When using a ladder, safety precautions must be adhered to. This helps ensure safe usage of a ladder which will help to avoid accidents that could lead to serious injury or even death. Using a ladder without following the correct safety procedures is dangerous. Safety instructions should be read before a ladder is used to ensure safe practices are followed. Take the time to read these and make sure you stay safe from harm.

In order to achieve increased safety on a ladder, ladder safety accessories are available. There are a number of practical ladder safety products including the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip that will help you to stay safe on a ladder and avoid accidents. The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip can assist with securing your ladder to guttering, making the ladder safer to use.

Personal safety is important to everyone and using ladder safety accessories to secure your ladder will assist in ensuring safe and responsible use. You don’t have to fall very far off a ladder to be seriously injured. Even a fall of 1-2 meters can cause serious injury. The last thing anyone wants to do is injure themselves while using a ladder.

Keeping your ladders in good condition and putting safe work practices into place will help to keep you safe. Working with a partner is also a good safety practice to ensure someone is on hand to assist in case of an accident. Ladder safety is not something that should be taken lightly and using safe work practices when working with ladders can help to minimise the risk of injury.

When you have finished working, make sure you store your ladder in a dry place. This will prevent corrosion and extend your ladder’s lifespan keeping it in good condition for the next time you use it. Using well maintained ladders is a key requirement for safe use as is reading and following relevant ladder safety instructions. Using ladders in a safe manner can help save your life.

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