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Maritz Electrical using Lock Jaw Ladder Grip during a Solar Installation

Safe roof access for Solar Panel Installation

Lock Jaw Ladder Grips - Effective Ladder Stabiliser for Safe Roof Access

Assessing the Risks

The rate of Solar Panel installations in Australia is booming. More and more homes are becoming fit with panels harnessing the power that we have in spades in Australia. For the safety of installers, the dangers that come from working at heights should not be ignored. 

 There are always risks involved for anyone working on roofs. For solar panel installers, these risks can often multiply during the transport of bulky solar panels up and down the ladder. Naturally, undertaking such work increases the chance of accidents occurring. But its not only roofers that are exposed to these risks.  In Australia, the greatest number of workplace fatalities involved working on roofs and on ladders, accounting for over 28% of work related fatalities. 

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Check out the video courtesy of ‘Infinity Solar’ showing how easy it can be to slip, when the ladder is not properly secured.

Height Safety Strategies for Solar Installers

It is important to understand where these risks are present and what strategies can be implemented to reduce the risk of injury.  Undertaking a proper risk assessment for roof work and establishing effective height safety strategies should be the first point of action before working. 

The risk of falling from heights can be greatly minimised by having simple fall prevention controls in place. This starts with securing the ladder.  Safely securing the ladder before and during work is the first and foremost safety measure that can be undertaken to prevent accidents from happening. For most, this involves an extra worker holding the ladder in place whilst work is being conducted.  Lock Jaw Ladder Grips are able to eliminate this need by securing installers ladders to guttering within seconds. Once it is in place, the ladder won’t move an inch! 

3 points of contact between you and the ladder is another practice to use to minimise the chance of a fall.  The portability and ease of use of the ladder grips mean that the device can be clipped onto a work-belt or harness with ease. This allows for both hands to be firmly on the ladder. 

Safework Australia recommends a reliable safety measure to follow is the use of anti-slip devices on ladders.  Lock Jaw ladder grips are a recognised ladder anti-slip device that, when incorporated while working, ensures the safest way to access roofs. 

solar installer on roof wearing safety hat

Benefit to Installers

Lock Jaw Ladder Grips have gone through a rigorous design process and exhaustive testing to ensure that, as a safety device,  it can be relied upon to ensure safe work at heights. The safety of our users is our main concern! 

Incorporating Lock Jaw Ladder Grips is one measure that can be implemented to ensure you are safely accessing the roof. Many mentioned it to be the best ladder stabiliser device currently on the market for keeping the ladder in place whilst accessing the roof.  

Solar panel installers currently using lock jaw ladder grips have highlighted the benefit in cost reductions this brings to their work. Using the lock jaw ladder grips has eliminated the need for an extra worker to stand by and hold the ladder in place. 

Lock Jaw Ladder Grips anti-slip feature eliminates the possibility of ladder slips whilst working, helping keep you safe.

Key Features

  • It locks on to a roof gutter in 5 seconds
  • Helps meet workplace health and safety requirements
  • Eliminates the need for an extra worker to hold the ladder in place
  • Portable 
  • Versatile and able to be used on a range of different ladders and gutters
gutter ladder protector installed in roof gutter by a person
lock jaw ladder grip locks onto house gutters


We all know how easy it can be to slip whilst using a ladder. For solar installers, this risk is often multiplied. However, with simple risk mitigation strategies in place, you can ensure the safest access to roofs is followed. Some key strategie

  • Use an anti-slip device to secure the ladder in place
  • 3 points of contact when accessing the roof 

Lock Jaw Ladder Grips are an easy to use, versatile and portable anti-slip safety device that can help users work smarter and safer.  For more great photos of not only solar installers, but also other trades including; plumbing, electrical, handymen and more, pop over to our website to check it out.