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Proud2Besafe is parntering with Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Proud2bSafe a Safety Journey

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Motivational Speakers with an Important Message

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a Partner with P2BS

A Bit of History

Jason an Inspiration to us all

Jason Anker MBE became a motivational safety speaker back in 2009 where he spoke up and down the country about the impact his workplace accident had on himself, his family and friends. P2BS used to solely focus on Jason’s story but with the use of other motivational speakers we now look to compare the similarities between their individual stories and find the cause of people not speaking up.

Jason was always concerned about how long after a presentation the initial impact of his talk would last so in  2011 he set up Proud2bSafe,  with the vision of helping companies make full use of the presentation and enabling them with the use of additional services over a continued  relationship with P2BS.

Our profile in the safety world and the connections we have made over the years has encouraged us to progress into Health and Wellbeing as well as Safety. P2BS are proudly collaborating with some highly respected companies and individuals in their specialised fields who fundamentally share the same values as P2BS. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is proudly partnering with P2BS

Abbi – A Real Life Story

Abbi talks about the effect Jason’s accident has had on her life growing up and how it is still affecting their lives today. Now Abbi has a daughter in the world she speaks powerfully about the things she missed out on with her dad they are having to relive that all again with Jason not being able to do the same things with his granddaughter. The message is that it really is not worth it, if you think something is wrong or unsafe speak up, not just for yourself but for your family and friends as it is them that are all impacted. 

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Safety Message Through Stories and Real Life

We are thrilled to partner with Proud2besafe. Having your life impacted by a fall from height or another work place accident can have devastating impact on  the individual and their friends and family.

In a few seconds, someone’s life can change foreever.

Our product is focussed on ladder stabilisation – keeping the ladder from moving and securing in place. The biggest risk to indivuluals when they make the transition from the ladder to the roof or reaching when on the ladder.

Fatal accidents can happen even from one story.

It Just Makes Good Business Sense

Having an exceptional safety record will go hand in hand with a good business result.

Companies that do well in the safety area are run by leaders that care about their people, and performing work to a high standard. It is linked to overall high performance and a culture of excellence.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip offers a 10% Discount for all P2BS members. 

Winning the “Best New Tool” at the international Roofing Expo 2020 has been a highlight this year.
Lock Jaw ladder Grip is used by big organisations as well as small businesses worldwide. Customers include home handymen, emergency services, electricians, plumbers, roofers, solar installers, builders, pest controllers, engineering companies to name a few.



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Remember that in an instant your life can change forever - speak up if something doesn't feel safe

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