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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip now at Bunnings

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip now at Bunnings

Climbing Ladder and Safety

News for gutter safety

Over the past two months we have begun rolling out our Lock Jaw Ladder grips to over 239 Bunnings stores across Australia with the outlook to keep expanding. 


It has been particularly exciting progression for us to become a supplier to an iconic Australian retail store such as Bunnings. Starting out as a family owned business back in 2009, the expansion into a large scale retail store has allowed us strive towards our goal of providing the wider community with a device that improves customers safety when working on roofs.   After years of design work, trials and testing to ensure the highest quality is produced; to be recognised to be a high quality product and be stocked in Bunnings has been a privilege. 


With continued increases to health and safety requirements, accessibility to safety equipment that is also easy to use has been a priority for many individuals. The diverse and easy-to-use nature of the device ensures safety when working on roofs. Our ladders are specially designed to secure ladders to gutters with a jaw clamp technology, helping individuals meet roof access ladder requirements. It is made from UV protected nylon and steel, making it strong, lightweight and very portable.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip – Summary of key attributes:
  • Acts as a ladder stabiliser to prevent falls when accessing a roof
  • Locks on to a gutter in 5 seconds
  • Easy to use – can be applied with one hand
  • Assists in meeting legislative safety requirements
  • Enables the user to maintain 3 points of contact on the ladder when climbing.
Lock Jaw is now available in all states across Australia! For a comprehensive list of locations, please refer to the Bunnings website. Alternatively, if it is not currently stocked at your preferred stores, you can let the Bunnings staff know and they will be able to order it in for you!  
Some of the stores include:
Hervey Bay
Mornington Tas
Port Melbourne
Wagga Wagga
Many more!!
If you are not currently located in Australia or don’t have access to a Bunnings store near you, don’t worry we ship Worldwide!
lock jaw ladder grip on bunnings shelves
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip on Shelves at Bunnings
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