Ladder Safety Devices

Ladder Safety Devices

Posted April 6, 2011 | View all news

Ladder Safety Devices Prevent Accidents

Safety is an issue that affects every area of everyday life. At the beginning of a flight, plane passengers are given safety instructions on what to do in the case of an emergency. Similarly, cruise ships instruct passengers on emergency procedures in the event of having to abandon ship,. Children of school age are regularly drilled on how to safely cross the road, and millions are spent on safe driving campaigns. All of these measures are meant to save lives in addition to minimising injury. If recommended safety procedures are adhered to, the chances of avoiding injury are greatly increased.

The use of ladders is another key area where the application of safety procedures can assist with preventing injury. Using ladders in a safe manner should always be a priority.

Over the years there have been many fatalities and injuries arising from unsafe ladder use. Because many people have used ladders in the past without problems, they often develop an attitude of “it can’t happen to me.” This if often when things do go wrong. If relevant safety procedures are used, ladders and safety ladders can be a great asset to the workplace. In the end, ladder safety depends on the attitude of the user.

There are numerous regulations and recommendations relating to the safe use of ladders. One safety product on the market that assists in addressing these safety requirements is the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip which secures ladders to guttering.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grips can be purchased online at and represent a small price to pay for improved ladder safety.

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