Keeping Safe Whilst Using a Ladder

Keeping Safe

Posted June 4, 2013 | View all news

Ladders are a wonderful invention, allowing us to reach greater heights and getting jobs done that we cannot do from ground level. However, with the use of ladders comes greater risk of injury. Often the injury can occur if the ladder is not secured properly when someone climbs on the roof or cleans gutters.

It is vitally important to think about securing your safety when you climb a ladder and understand what the safety requirements are for each state when it comes to using ladders. Gone are the days where you could send your 14-year-old up onto the roof to clean some gutters. Today, proper precaution needs to be taken.

Stringent laws make safer climbing

Thanks to the current legislation, ladder safety is now tighter for employers, employees, contractors and those who are self employed as well as individuals. Safety equipment that is height appropriate is a must as is adequate training to ensure that all users understand correct operation of the safety equipment.

Single extension ladders, in particular, need to be secured properly when used in the workplace and ‘Codes of Practice’ need to be adhered to at all times.

Get locked in to safety

The only real way to ensure that a ladder is secure and prevent injury is to use ladder locks. You will find there are a range of different locks available on the market but the most important point is to ensure the ladder lock you purchase is the absolute best possible.

Keeping safety in mind, ladder locks need to be easy to use when fastening and removing as well as meet OH&S requirements. Inferior ladder locks may not do the job they claim to do and could well end up being a waste of time and money and if you are running a business, money is not a thing to waste.

Find an adjustable ladder lock that will easily fit your ladder to ensure that it offers absolute safety for the user. For the business owner, a tax deductible purchase is even better.

If you have single ladders or extension ladders that you use around worksites or home that require a ladder lock to comply with the stringent safety laws, you have come to the right place. For more information about ladder safety, as well as the most reliable ladder lock and how to purchase it, please call (07) 3102 4401.

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