Do I need to use one or two Lock Jaw Ladder Grips?

The product is designed to work as a single unit. Having said that we find that persons
accessing multi storey buildings on a regular basis often opt to use two units (one on each
side of the ladder).

How does the product work?”

The Key design feature of the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a hinged jaw which secures over the lip of a gutter. A sliding and height adjustable bar then locates around the adjacent ladder rail preventing movement in any direction.

What is the widest ladder rail that the product will fit?

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip can accommodate ladder rails up to approximately 40mm wide.


What is the device made of?

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is made from high grade Nylon plastic and metal components.

What types of guttering can the device be used on?


The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip can be used on the majority of guttering in Australia, including both traditional and box guttering. Put simply, if you can place the jaws of the unit over the edge of your guttering the device will work.


What happens if the device does not suit my gutter or ladder?

We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. All we ask is that you pay for the return postage.


How do I carry the device up the ladder?

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is supplied with a carabiner which can be clipped onto your belt loop or work belt.


Where was the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip invented?

The device was invented in Brisbane, Australia.


Is the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip patented?

Yes. The device holds both Australian and international patents in additional to trademarks.

Who purchases the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip?

We sell to a broad range of customers ranging from home handypersons, builders, plumbers, solar installers and electricity companies to name a few. The product will suit anyone who needs to access a roof using a ladder which will be rested on guttering.