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Want to find out more about Lock Jaw Ladder Grip?

Lock Jaw will work on the majority of ladders however there are some circumstances where it won’t work.

It will fit on some but not all telescopic ladders. In some cases the bar does not wind down far enough to clamp the ladder and therefore it cannot be used. Although in some cases it does work depending on the make and model.

Climbing ladders are extremely dangerous with hundreds of thousands of people injured from ladder falls.

There are also legal requirements in most countries to secure a ladder.

In Australia:

  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011 – 306L Work on a ladder
  • Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011
  • Managing the risk of falls at workplaces Code of Practice 2021 -WHSQ

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip can accommodate ladder rails up to approximately 50mm wide.

The product is designed to work as a single unit. We find that persons accessing multi-storey buildings or climbing regularly often opt to use two units (one on each side of the ladder). Two units offer greater stability.

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip can be used on the majority of guttering, including both traditional and box guttering. Put simply, if you can place the jaws of the unit over the edge of your guttering the device will work.

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is supplied with a carabiner which can be clipped onto your belt loop or work belt. So you can maintain 3 points of contact which is best practice when climbing a ladder.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip was co-invented by Craig and his father Robert Charlton in 2009 after experiencing an injury whilst working on a ladder. It was invented in Australia and there have been countless hours spent on engineering and testing to perfect the design

Yes. The device holds both Australian and international patents in addition to trademarks.


We sell to a broad range of customers ranging from home handypersons, builders, plumbers, roofers solar installers and electricity companies to name a few. The product will suit anyone who needs to access a roof using a ladder that will be rested on guttering.

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is made from high grade Nylon plastic and metal components. The product is durable and long lasting and will last many years.

Yes, this is the same ladder as the telesteps ladder and as long as you adjust the Lock Jaw properly, it will work on the Extend & Climb. It won’t be as snug fitting as a rectangular style ladder would be but would certainly add stability.

Yes. it will work with the various adjustments. There are rubber grips to protect the ladder.

It works on most metal gutters. The gutter needs to have a lip for the jaws to secure under. We only recommend Lock Jaw to be used if you are prepared to rest a ladder on the gutter.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip needs to clamp onto the inside of the gutter. If the leaf guard can be lifted up (some plastic guards can be lifted), the Lock Jaw can be applied. If however it is metal guard that is fixed, the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip cannot be used.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip works on Xtend ladders. We have customers that use the telescopic ladders and it works very well. The side bar extends and contracts and works on almost all ladders on the market.

There are rubber pads on the clamp mechanism to prevent scratching. Once the Lock Jaw is installed the ladder won’t move

We sell worldwide via our website or through Amazon. Go to our Checkout page to find our pricing and any duty and taxes that apply. There are distributors in countries all over the world.

We only recommend using Lock Jaw if you are prepared to rest your ladder on the gutter. If the gutter is unstable then we wouldn’t recommend putting any equipment on it

There is a carabiner that clips to a belt and Lock Jaw can be applied with one hand. It locks on in 5 seconds and can be removed in seconds.

It meets the general requirements of ANSI-ASC A14.8-2013. OSHA recommends securing your ladder

There aren’t standards. In Australia, Europe, Canada and most countries internationally. We have had the product tested including static load testing and it has been used successfully since 2009.

We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. All we ask is that you pay for the return postage.

Lock Jaw is used by Tradesmen and DIY all over the world. Solar Installers, Power Companies, Electricians, Roofers, Plumbers, Utility Companies and maintenance workers.

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There are rubber pads on the lock Jaw. It can also be used with a gutter protector. The Lock Jaw holds the ladder very tightly to the gutter and reduces movement hence scratching.