Ensuring Safety When Working at Height

Ensuring Safety

Posted June 4, 2013 | View all news

There is always some danger involved when one is working at certain heights. When you immediately need to fix something on the roof, such as leaks or damaged roof tiles, getting up on a ladder is not always a secure task. One mistake and you could end up with injury problems in addition to the maintenance and repair work. This should not be so. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip has come up with a solution to make work on ladders much safer.

Safety First

The company understands the importance of ensuring safety in repair and maintenance work performed at heights. There is no getting around repairs that need immediate attention, especially if the residents of the house will be inconvenienced. There is a need to ensure the safety of the person doing the repair or maintenance work using a ladder.

The company offers a ladder safety device that is easy to use and works effectively in securing the ladder to the gutter. The device is an innovative device developed by Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. It can be used on almost all types of ladders, whether single or extension type ladders.

The locking jaw grip is the first of its kind in the market. It can be attached to various types and styles of gutters. It comes with adjustable features to make it compatible with many types of extension ladders.

Safety is a must not only when conducting DIY home repairs. It is all the more required if the work is being done in the workplace. There are safety issues that the employer needs to consider when employing someone to work at certain heights. When using ladders for the tasks, it is always best to be equipped with the ladder lock device.


Of course, there are devices available in the market that can help in ladder safety, but the Lock Jaw ladder device provides the most practical way of ensuring safety when using ladders. Unlike other safety devices, the ladder lock equipment is available at an affordable price.

Another advantage of the durable ladder lock is its simplicity. With the proper adjustments, configure the device to the type of gutter and ladder, and then attach it to the ladder and gutter for guaranteed security.

The ladder lock is also designed to be flexible. It can be used in most ladder types and most gutter types. All you need to do is adjust the device to fit the ladder and the gutter.

Learn more about the ladder lock device at the company’s website at www.lockjawladdergrip.com.

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