Safety at Height
Jenn Louw

Written by Gail Bray who has 30 years experience in Operational, HSSE and HR roles Oil and Gas Global Companies

jen from point to point electrical using lock jaw ladder grip
Jen from Point To Point Electrical using Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
lockjaw ladder grip

Working on Roofs Safely

A person from point to point electrical uses lock jaw ladder grip
Jen from Point to Point Electrical. She is focussed on height safety and fall prevention

Electrician Jennifer Louw is an astute business woman with a vision to not only create a great electrical business but she goes above and beyond to keep her staff and clients safe.

Jen worked at Queensland Rail prior to starting her own business Point to Point Electrical in 2014. It enabled her to gain the skills required for the next step in her journey building a successful business pointtopointelectrical.com.au

She loved working with her hands and the challenge of working as an electrician.

I have spent a bit of time with Jen and she really does care about completing the work to a very high standard and also ensures that all her team are operating with safety at height in mind.

We talked about the risks involved with working at height on roofs. She recalled a time when she was working on a roof and unexpectedly a storm came in. The tiles turned to ice. It was a very close call as the roof was very slippery and it could have easily resulted in a fall. Even having that focus on safety at heights, accidents can happen as a change in weather conditions or something completely unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye.

Point To Point Electrical have been using Lock Jaw Ladder Grips for their roof access requirements. The most dangerous time when climbing onto the roof is the transition from the ladder to the roof. The Lock Jaw stabilises the ladder by clamping onto the house gutter. Once clamped the ladder does not move an inch. The ladder has no risk of falling, therefore a person can complete the task on the roof knowing the ladder will be secure and still in place when needed. There are many stories of workers being stranded on a roof during strong winds and it can be very dangerous if working alone.

The other risks Jen identified was the electrical isolation process. “It is easy to get too use to the risks and a relaxed mentality sets in”. It is a focus she has with her staff on training. She ensures that all of her team understand’s their responsibilities and they complete the isolation themselves  – and not to rely on others to do it for them. 

On her business website she states:

“We strive to create a great experience for each and every client. To leave nothing behind but complete satisfaction, functionality and safety within your home or business”

I think that she really does live up to her aspirations. 

An essential part of any business is keeping your reputation in tact, reducing risk and working safely. In many instances, safety at height is only one component of the myriad to hazards associated with the job.

Ultimately being able to go home after an honest day’s work to our loved ones and friends is what it is all about.

I have really enjoyed getting to know Jen, she is someone that takes great pride in her work, her relationships, her business and she has been a great help to me as another small business owner. She will be featured in an upcoming video of ours soon and I can’t wait to see how she succeeds in the future. 

lock jaw ladder grip locks onto house gutters
Google Review

"Being an owner of a small Electrical company we are always looking at how we can do things safer without costing an arm and a leg! These are fantastic. We are up and down ladders all day - now we don't have to worry about our ladders sliding or pulling away from gutters especially on big double storeys! Great value for money. Thank you"
A woman accessing the roof using the best ladder stabilizer in Australia from Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
Jen Louw