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Construction Safety - Ladder Falls can have big consequences

Construction Safety – Working on Roofs Safely

With the upside of job creation and value to the economy that construction brings, the work also brings hazards and safety concerns. Some examples of these dangerous conditions include working from height, intense noise, extreme dust, moving objects, electrocutions and vehicle incidents. In this article we will explore the risks of falling from height and some of the prevention measures you can use to ensure you keep safe.

Falls – When are you most at risk?

Falls are one of the most common causes of injury and death in the construction industry.

  • 30% of falls injuries were caused by ladders
  • 28% of fatalities are due to falls from heights
  • 29 people die from work-related falls in Australia each year.

And it’s not as high as you think…When people think of risky heights, skyscrapers and tall buildings come to mind. However, most injuries are caused by falls from heights less than 4 meters. Statistics from the Safe Work Australia, Construction Industry Profile (

How can you minimise risk?

Following construction safety precautions can minimise your risk of injury during construction work. Precautions such as a hazard checklist can be used as a tool to get you started. Here are some considerations when thinking of construction safety

When working at a height check:

  • Can you avoid working at heights altogether? Maybe the job can be done on ground, or different equipment can be used to lower the height. Research has shown that in the majority of fatal fall instances, the work could have been performed on the ground.
  • Have you ensured that yourself and workers are properly trained and knowledgeable about height safety?
  • Are you using fall safety equipment?
  • Will the weather conditions effect your work

Ladder Risk Assessment

  • Are you using the right ladder? For more information on what ladder would best suit your work, you can visit this page:
  • Is the ladder in good conditionSecuring the Ladder. Can you use a ladder safety device such as Lock Jaw Ladder Grip to stop the ladder from moving. It is one of the best ladder safety devices on the market to improve the safety of individuals specifically when transitioning from the ladder to the roof or reaching from the ladder. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip clamps on tight to the roof gutter, using it’s one of a kind jaw mechanism. It is also assists’ in meeting Occupational Health and Safety requirements i.e. having a ladder secured at the top

The Human Factor

Think back to the last 10 incidents you have had. In  most companies, 9 out of 10 were caused by human error. Companies can supply all the correct equipment and procedures, however sometimes these are not used or followed.

Most people want to be recognised as doing a great job and to be high achievers whilst having respect from their work peers and colleagues. Then why is it the statistics show many incidents are caused by human error.

Understanding how we are hard-wired may give us the self-awareness to create a “pattern interrupt” and break our usual path of action. This can be very difficult though. Imagine trying to change a very old habit.

Often our conscious mind knows what and how we should be taking action, however it is our subconscious that will drive our behaviours.

Some examples of behaviours that can cause incidents

  • impulsive and not thinking through the consequences of a risky action.
  • distracted and thinking about other things – not the job
  • irritated, annoyed and losing control of his/her temper
  • defiant and resistant to rules and authority.
  • Freezing under pressure.

Aspects of safety in construction – the factors that makes the difference

A combination of the appropriate equipment, accessing the risks and understanding the human factors work together in keeping people safe and preventing falls

It’s a hard topic to bring up with a work mate or peer, however I think we all know when there have been times we should have spoken up. We want the best for our friends and work colleagues and most importantly, we all want to go home and be able to spend time with our loved ones and enjoy our life outside of work.

This is by no means an extensive list of safety precautions. Before carrying out construction work make sure you are informed correctly. For more information on construction safety visit: QLD Government Construction Working at Heights Information click link