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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip used in Chimney restorations. Used on most gutters except plastic and wooden box gutters.

Chimney Restorer and ladder stabilisation when accessing roofs

Chimney Restoration

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip - Ladder Stabiliser for Roof Access

Aaron Hesse from Absolute Chimney & Fireplace Restoration


One of the best parts of operating a business is meeting people from all different walks of life. I have been lucky enough to get to know customers from all over the world and gain an insight into their back ground and stories.

Some of the most beautiful photos we have received have been from Aaron Hesse from Absolute Chimney & Fireplace Restoration in Pittsburgh (featured above). Many of these gorgeous homes are are over a hundred years. 

Aaron has a great safety mindset and wants to ensure his team members are safe by stabilising the ladder. Lock Jaw Ladder grip locks onto the gutter and the ladder will not move helping to prevent falls. 

Best practice for climbing a ladder safely is to keep 3 points of contact at all times. We have a carabiner that is clipped onto the Lock Jaw – you can see in Aaron’s video,  it is used to clip onto the belt. This enables the ladder to be climbed safely. 

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip has been through a rigorous design process and exhaustive testing. We aimed to create a product that is the best in class for clamping a ladder to a gutter. It is a specific area of focus but an important one to get right. 

The main application for Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is stabilising ladders for residential roof access. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip works extremely well on most types of guttering with the exception of plastic gutters, gutters with gutter guard and wooden box gutters. It just isn’t designed for these type of gutters.




Something that all of our customers have in common is an astute awareness of safety at height and the consequences of a fall from a ladder. They have thought about the risks and want to take precautions. 

I think all of us know someone that has fallen from a ladder and sustained an injury.  There are actually hundreds of thousands of injuries caused from falls on ladders worldwide.

It only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

If you are on residential roofs and really believe in keeping people safe,  Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is the tool for you. Many say it is the best ladder stabiliser on the market for keeping a ladder still whilst accessing roofs. 

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Thanks you Aaron for all your support

lock jaw ladder grip used to stabilise a ladder
lock jaw ladder grip used in chimney restorations
2 safety ladder from lock jaw ladder grip installed in roof