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2020 – Lord Mayor’s Business Awards

Gail and Craig claiming their XERO award for outstanding micro business

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip World Class Ladder Safety Device

 Charlton Innovation invented, manufactures and sells a world-class patented ladder safety device that helps prevent ladder falls and save lives. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip was co-invented by Craig and his father Robert Charlton in 2009 after experiencing an injury whilst working on a ladder.

The company has experienced phenomenal growth with last year increasing sales by 270% through the securement of a retail contract with Bunnings (250 stores) and export markets such as Sweden, Canada and the USA.

A highlight for 2020 was winning “Best New Tool” at the Dallas International Roofing Trade Expo Feb 2020

A family business based in Brisbane with a commitment to the local community and the environment. We aim to re-shore our manufacturing to Brisbane, creating manufacturing and operational jobs and contributing to the local economy. 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion holds a special place in our heart. Our son has cerebral palsy and autism therefore when seeking a logistics and warehouse provider, “Help Enterprises” (a social enterprise that employs people with disabilities) was a natural choice.

Worldwide there are 37.3 million ladder falls annually, severe enough to require medical attention, in turn costing businesses, governments and the community approximately $176.3B worldwide per year. Permanent injury or in many cases death results in enormous costs to the individuals and families involved, but an astronomical cost in human suffering, health care services, business and the community.

See: OSHA 2020

Customers include anyone who uses a ladder to access a roof, from trades people, DIY to emergency services.  

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is

Globally unique

A product that can be used in most countries worldwide and addresses a universal problem of ladder safety

Assists to meet legislative requirements which in most countries requires the ladder to be secured

Is proven as a one of the best on the market – 5 star Google Reviews, Finalist “Shell Australian Innovation Award” 2013

Adopted by world class organizations such as the Swedish Fire and Rescue Service as part of their height standards and USA Insurance Companies, West Bend Mutual Insurance and Tennesse Farmers Insurance for their employees

Working on Roofs Safety

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is globally unique, patented with no other similar ladder safety device available on the market worldwide

Charlton Innovation, is outstanding due to our relentless drive to improve safety, continued commitment to the community, innovative design and technology, and our focus to minimize the impact on the environment.

Height Safety!

We Excel in a Range of Different Areas, Including:

Awards Winner

‘Best New Tool’ at the Dallas International Roofing Expo 2020
dallas international roofing expo 2020


QLD Export awards (Emerging Exporter) 2019
Lord Mayor Awards 2019

Shell Australian Innovation Award 2013


Very few companies manufacture in Australia. We are committed to keeping our head ofice in Brisbane and to manufacturing in Brisbane, creating jobs and boosting Brisbane’s reputation as a manufacturing and innovation hub. We have commenced the design process and have engaged a Brisbane plastics company (Evolve) creating design, tooling and production jobs


  • Strong technical endorsement by world leaders in safety and quality – Swedish Fire Brigade “Lock Jaw Ladder Grip exceeded all expectations” also written into their height standards

  • Voted in the top 7 tools ever reviewed by ‘Roofing Insights’ a USA roofing expert

  • Recommended by the Master Painters Association

  • Oficial partner with Proud2bsafe (a UK safety awareness organization). Founder Jason Anker MBE who was paralysed at 23 after a fall is the founder. The organisation now advocates for safety in the workplace.

  • Two USA Insurance companies (market cap >1billion) imported Lock Jaw after trialling many competitive US products.

  • Exceptional Customer Reviews 5 star Google rating

People and Planet

Engaging Help Enterprises (Social Enterprise) making jobs for people with disabilities

Making an impact with diversity. A female GM.

Packaging made of recycled cardboard also packed in 2 pack to reduce packaging

Long lasting materials to minimize waste

Roof Safety!

Lock Jaw Feature Vs Competitors

  • Locks on to prevent ladder movement. Enables to meet legislative requirements and best practice of 3 points of contact / Many competitors do not lock securely and require 2 hands
  • Constructed of strong high grade nylon and steel/ Competitor weaker plastics
    Patented hinged jaw which secures to 100kg static load/ Many competitors rest on the gutter – the ladder can slide
  • Applied in 5 seconds/Competitors require lengthy installation
  • Adopted by the Swedish fire brigade as part of height standards and as temporary anchor point/ No other portable ladder accessory has been adopted


  • Two major USA insurance companies (experts in risk) West Bend Mutual Insurance and Tennessee Farmers Insurance are using Lock Jaw.

“We evaluated a number of ladder safety devices on the market. We determined that Lock Jaw ladder Grip was the most efective way to quickly secure our ladders to the roof. All of our adjusters have been provided with Lock Jaws and the feedback from the claim adjusters has been extremely positive. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to use a ladder to climb onto a roof. “

Scott Thomas

Director of Claims 

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

  • Customers include Ergon, Victorian Building Authority, Powercor, Tasmanian Hydro Electric Plant, Ventia (largest infrastructure service provider in Australasia) and an array of small business such as Solar Installers, Plumbers, Building Inspectors, Maintenance companies, Electricians and many other. 

Step out in Innovation

With an ever-changing landscape of new products consistently entering the market, it is our focus to stay one step ahead through innovation. We are working on the next generation of Lock Jaw to suit a wider range of applications and enhance the ease of function and ergonomics.

Environmental Impact

Charlton Innovation has moved to recycled packaging including the outer boxing and packing materials. We have and are continuing to develop our packing designs to enable dual unit packaging, reducing materials needed. An added bonus is a reduction in costs

Customer Centric

It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service and a best quality, value for money, long lasting product.

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